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How to rule out the guesswork with Biometric user testing

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By taking a step to rule out the guesswork of marketing, Lnet Digital is now offering Ecommerce brands the opportunity to elevate their customer experience with Ecommerce Customer Behaviour Testing.

Through the use of an integrated analysis platform specifically built to perform human behaviour research, Lnet Digital uses the power of biometric sensors to gain valuable human insights that get converted into data.

This, in turn, ensures fewer human errors, greater costs and time savings and out-of-the-box data analysis to create the right optimisations in a shorter time frame.

Example Analysis of A/B testing or competitor websites:

  • Emotional response
  • Eye tracking
  • Questionnaire
  • Task completion time
  • Time to first fixation
  • Areas of interest

The Future Of Enhancing E-Commerce Customer Experience

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