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Target Persona Template

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Having a thorough research-based profile that depicts your target customer is the starting point for any business. They describe who is your ideal buyer, what are their goals, the challenges they face, and most importantly their decision-making processes. 

It’s common to have multiple target personas, and they will have different criteria for evaluating your services. This is why you’ll need different strategies to address those needs. 

By following our template, you will easily be able to build an all-round target persona specifically for your brand that will provide value for all your departments, and drive your business towards success.

  • Demographics age, gender, education, employment, etc. help you understand how customers search for information and make purchases
  • Decision-making style – crucial to your profitable growth, and in driving sales and marketing investment decisions that will show real results
  • Personal situation – by pinning down your customer’s personality, thinking process, the way he/she relates in social situations, etc. is vital, as this will allow you to create personalized offers that will match their wants and needs
  • Work-life – career and income information is important in understanding how people make purchases and use technology
  • Goals and motivations – understand what goals they have and why do they want to achieve them
  • Pain points and objections that your brand can solve – brainstorming in advance what customers might object towards your business is a good factor to consider, as this allows you to prepare in advance and equip you with everything you need to know to offer them the right solutions for their problems
  • Your brand key messages – simple, clear and straight to the point in how you can solve their problems, help achieve their goals and remove their ‘pain points’
  • Buying scenario – you know how they buy, you know how to sell
  • Preferred media – it’s important to reach your persona where they are most active online so you can decrease underperforming marketing efforts, and increase them in a smart way
  • Social media use and devices – get in front of your personas and optimize your content according to their favourite social media platforms and devices they use to search for your brands like yours online
  • 3 Stages Customer Journey Map – this template will help you visualize the experience of interacting with your brand from your target persona’s point of view

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