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Do you struggle with knowing how to write persuasive and engaging content on your website?

There are several techniques in writing good landing pages copy, and if leveraged appropriately, it can greatly strengthen your brand loyalty, and therefore increase conversions.

At Lnet Digital we prepared a manual with 10 elements for a persuasive landing page copywriting to consider to help you increase your website conversions.

  • Target persona – profiles, their problem, the solution to their problem and what triggers them, as well as their possible objections towards your brand
  • Testimonials – learn how to create powerful testimonials in the right way
  • Risk Reversal – identify the exact risks related to your service/product
  • Your USPs – how to write down what you do differently than your competitors and why people should choose you instead of them
  • Language – the way you speak to your readers determines if your copy will increase or decrease your conversions
  • Headlines trialling – how to find the right headlines for your pages

Download our FREE manual for writing persuasive content

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