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Pay per click advertising gives your brand instant impact while you build organically. Measure your campaigns at a granular level with detailed campaign reporting.

From worded Google Ads to eye-catching images, the opportunities are endless.


Instant impact with Google Ads

A long-term SEO strategy can help you scale Google’s search results organically. Paid search accelerates this by driving targeted, high-quality ads to your customers.

The best marketing campaigns use SEO and PPC to complement one another. If you’re just starting out, you can reach customers instantly by targeting relevant keywords.

PPC is great for the short term, but it’s also essential for long-term analysis. Study your customers’ behaviour with invaluable search and conversion data.

PPC Google Ads & Social Media PPC

  • Advertisers pay to feature their ads on search engine results pages
  • Marketers “bid” on keywords to rank, and pay for every click
  • Options are text only, display, remarketing or Shopping ads
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PPC audience over 200 targeting attributes

It’s a common practice in marketing to know who you are selling to, but do you really know how to utilise that?


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Why work with a PPC marketing agency?

Pay Per Click agencies have teams of specialists in each area to optimise your target audience, design, development, UX, PPC shopping campaigns & SEO.

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Improve your profit whilst decreasing cost

The Google Ads dashboard provides comprehensive data on your target audience. Benchmark your campaigns against your competitors to find the highest converting products, or strike while the iron’s hot with seasonal campaigns.

Our PPC experts offer years of experience in creating and measuring campaigns. We continually assess our strategies to get the best ROI, helping you target customers when they’re looking.

This is an ongoing process. Save time on negative keyword reviews, bid adjustments and keyword strategies by working with a dedicated team.

Get more from your Ad spend

The best campaigns come from the successful measurement. Learn when best to run your campaigns, from seasonal spend down to days of the week.

Our comprehensive audits will track your customers’ search and conversion habits. We’ll get the best value from your keywords with continual reviews.

Every challenge has a solution

Are you ready to start increasing your ROI. Optimising how your Ad spend is managed with an agency will return better results.

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Display Ads & Remarketing

A picture paints a thousand words. Get your message across with punchy, well-designed display ads.
Get better engagement from your users with targeted advertising that appears at the right time.

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Conversion rate optimisation

A full user experience review will identify conversion issues, from slow pages to poor design. We’ll perform heat map testing, click map testing and A/B tests to discover what makes your customers tick.

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Search & Shopping

Optimise your titles and descriptions to show customers what they need to make that crucial purchase. Discover how Smart Google Shopping and automated social tools can take the stress out of PPC.

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Reporting & Actions

You will receive monthly reports with proactive actions. Our no-nonsense reporting gives you bottom-line figures to manage your spend.

Your marketing budget is in good hands

We understand how precious your marketing budget can be. That’s why we continually monitor campaign spend to trim non-converting terms and optimise bid strategies.

Whatever your budget, we’ll take a granular approach – looking at keywords, ad groups and campaigns.

Find out how we can help you:

E-commerce marketing manager

Google Ads

Want to cut through the noise? Take your campaigns further working with a PPC agency and benefit from tried and tested strategies.

Startup marketing manager

Social Paid Ads

We can optimise and improve results in your social media PPC camapigns, contact us to find more.

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