More than ever emotions are more likely to drive digital sales, an opportunity for brands to reanalyse consumer behaviour and user experience.

Google’s ‘Hummingbird’ Update

Google have recently updated their search engine due to the expansion of internet marketing, many business owners are wondering whether this will have an effect on their businesses online presence.

This update has been brought in as an attempt to listen to the needs of the sites users and return better results to them when they search which will help to improve their overall experience. Google have had to take action to help understand what their users want to see in results pages based on one or two things.

One of the most recognisable changes to Google Search in the past few days is the new voice search button which appears inside of the search bar and is seen as very effective with users of smartphones and tablets making the most of hands-free.

However the way in which Google searches through web content will not change but the results users receive when they search for something will. This will be changed to match what Google thinks are the most suitable pages for the user to see for a better user experience.

To answer questions on whether the update will affect businesses who are mainly focused online with SEO?.. The answer is no, the update will not mean any major changes from the previous recent “Penguin” and “Panda” updates. These updates taught the online community how to make the most of using online marketing. Online businesses should keep generating good quality content and listen to the needs of their customers/clients to gain traffic without having any difficulty.

The update will make sure that top content with keywords which match the users search will be isolated away from other unwanted sites across the web according to Google.
All companies have a target audience but not all of them have a good idea of the needs of their possible clients and customers. Businesses need to focus on the needs of their potential clients and making sure that their needs are being seen to and most companies will eventually find some success in this.