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Google’s ‘Hummingbird’ Update

How the Google Hummingbird Update Affects Search

The Google Hummingbird update came into effect in 2013, intending to improve and personalise search results. Things were very different before this update when it came to searching online. Here we explore how the Google Hummingbird update affects search results, what changes were made, and if those changes are still in effect today.

How Google Hummingbird Changed Search

This update was brought in to listen to users’ needs and return better results. The overall aim was to help to improve their overall experience by understanding what you are looking for by the search terms you use. 

How Google searches through web content didn’t change, but the results users receive when they search for something did. Google Hummingbird aims to interpret search terms and presents what it thinks are the most relevant pages for the user to see. The Hummingbird algorithm seeks to create a more human approach to search by learning to understand conversational search terms.

One of the most recognisable changes brought in by Hummingbird was the new voice search button. A nod to the massive jump in mobile search and making the service more intuitive for smartphones and tablets when using handsfree.

The main aims of the Hummingbird update included:

Conversational Search – using natural language processing to retrieve relevant search results

Human Search – recognising the human element in a search and filling in the missing information

Voice Search – by using the above principles, voice search is also possible, and an early version rolled out

Hummingbird Algorithm Update Affects on SEO

Anyone looking to attract customers shifted their content marketing plans to generate good quality content relevant to their target audience. Listening to the needs of their customers and creating a plan with their clients in mind helped them gain traffic.

Google Hummingbird made sure that top content with keywords that matches the users’ search ranks higher on the search page. Meanwhile, other less relevant sites are pushed further down the search engine results.

How Hummingbird Affects Search Results Today?

The complete overhaul of the Google algorithm that came in with the Hummingbird update drastically changed search results and continues to do so today. By aiming to understand the true intent of the words used in a search, Google started to look at whole queries instead of seeing a string of keywords.

The impact of the update saw that those websites with natural language that genuinely reflected a site’s content would rank higher. That criteria still reflects search results today. While there are many other factors to Google rankings, such as trust factor, relevant and natural copy on your site is still essential.

While SEO optimised content on your site is vital, making sure it also reads naturally for visitors to your site is a necessary consideration. By keeping both of these things in mind, you will, in turn, rank well organically and also improve your local Google ranking.

To help your search engine rankings align with the Google Humminbird update, you will want a complete direct marketing strategy. It should include interaction with your target audience, keyword research, and informational content that answers questions to help improve your website visibility.

Optimising your Website to Google Algorithm Updates

If you have not reviewed your site for some time, it may need a content update to make your website more visible on Google. Creating an effective digital marketing strategy involves many aspects. It can be challenging to ensure your marketing activities have the right effect. 

If you don’t have the time or expertise for online marketing, a specialist digital marketing agency is the answer. Book your free consultation with Lnet Digital today to maximise the revenue opportunities and increase website sales.

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