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Biometric UX Testing – Elevate Your Customer Experience

“Website User Experience (UX) is all about the usability of your digital products and the user experience when interacting with your services. Biometric UX Testing allows you to go even deeper to understand user behaviour and elevate your customer experience.”

The term UX testing is something you will have likely encountered when looking at optimising your website and marketing strategy. How a visitor navigates their way around your website is essential, but what they see and feel while doing it is also vital information. Biometric UX testing goes even further to help you understand your customer and how they feel about your service.

  1. Why is UX testing important for your eCommerce website?
  2. How to test UX Design?
  3. Why use Biometric UX Testing?
  4. How does Biometric User Experience Testing Work?
  5. Benefits of Biometric UX Testing

Why is UX important for your eCommerce website?

User Experience optimisation across devices and platforms is essential for your successful digital marketing strategy. You may have an incredibly innovative product or service; however, if your website navigation is difficult for visitors, they will never come back to it.

There are many common UX design mistakes that can kill your conversions, so your website UX is a crucial aspect that you need to get right front the start. UX connects your existing and potential customers with your products and services, which, in turn,  will increase your brand loyalty. Website UX design focuses on customer research and analysis, A/B testing, and much more.  

How to test UX Design?

Testing your website UX is possible through several methods. Traditional usability testing allows you to see how your ideas work during the design process. You can perform these tests in many ways, including guerilla testing in the early stages of the design and surveying customers. Lab usability testing gives you in-depth insights into how your users experience every interaction and each part of the buying process.

Biometric user testing

Why use Biometric UX Testing?

Getting into the mind of your buyers and truly understanding your customer’s behavioural patterns will give you the complete picture of the customer journey. Knowing this will help you create an effective marketing strategy for your business.

With consumer behaviour analysis and biometric usability testing, you can now measure the emotions and feelings of your eCommerce website visitors by carefully analysing their online interactions with your site. See how your visitors experience landing pages, email marketing, mobile apps, and products.

Many of the standard usability testing methods, such as surveys, don’t give you a full picture of what’s going on when a user visits your site. Biometric user experience testing gives you a better understanding of your customer and helps to elevate their experience.

How does Biometric User Experience Testing Work?

The best UX testing tools give you more nuanced insight into consumer behaviour analysis. You will see the customer’s real feelings and emotions using AI technology and neuromarketing.

Biometric User Experience Testing from Lnet uses the latest eye-tracking and facial expression recognition technology. Eye-tracking helps you see what the customer sees and grabs their attention when interacting with your products. It also gives you a clear picture of whether visitors can find what they are looking for and how they get there.

Facial expression recognition technology gives you a true and accurate representation of how a user feels as they make their way through the buying journey.

Benefits of Biometric UX Testing

Conducting a website UX test with biometric technology allows you to:

  • Design your experiment with different visual media
  • Test your ideas before implementing them on your website
  • Collect behavioural insights to design better marketing strategies

The information from this type of advanced UX research allows you to take your understanding of your customer and your ideal target audience to a whole new level, including conversion rate optimisation.

Video recordings, heatmaps, and a detailed report give you all the information you need to optimise your website to increase conversions and customer loyalty.

The biometric input is just one part of our behavioural testing. Lnet works closely with the Department of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Behaviour from the University of Leicester. With a combination of in-depth biometric research and decades of academic psychology, you can make a bigger impact with your website. Our partnership with the University of Leicester helps you create a better human experience that also aligns with your marketing goals.

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