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How to improve PPC to sell your product

So you’d like to promote your online products but are not sure how to do this in a cost-effective way? That’s where PPC ads come in handy! 

What is PPC? 

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a form of advertising that can be used by businesses of any size. It can improve the visibility of your eCommerce website where you can target your website to the best audience, in the right way. Check out Your beginners guide to PPC for the basic rules of PPC.

This online marketing activity typically involves advertisers who bid for keywords so that they can be selected to be positioned higher in the search results. Advertisers tend to bid for a placement where their ad can be shown where they can be seen by someone who searches for a keyword that relates to what their business sells. This depends if they were chosen at Google’s online auction.

Each time an ad is clicked, the advertiser will pay the search engine a small fee. When you think of the bigger picture, PPC is a brilliant way to pay a small fee to have your ad shown on a search engine results page, where clicks from well-positioned ads may result in higher sales on your website. 

What do Search Engines look for in PPC ads?

Search engines tend to look for advertisements that have been effectively optimised. This means that they should contain a targeted message or a unique design to spark online customer interest. If a search engine sees these factors, it is likely to charge the advertiser less for ad clicks as it can see that their ads and landing pages will be useful for what the user is searching for. Learn What is SERP? Search Engine Results Page Explained to use the results page in your favour, then making a cost-effective way of promoting your products using a PPC strategy. 

The largest PPC platform: Google Ads 

So, where should you start if you decide to create your own PPC ads? According to Hubspot, ‘Google Ads is the king of paid advertising’ where 3.5 billion search queries are typed in the search engine per day. You can check if a paid ad is shown on the search engine results page if “sponsored” is listed beside it – just like on a Google Shopping ad!  

Google Adwords is the most popular PPC platform where you can advertise your paid ads. Online retailers can choose to promote their ads on the Google search engine, or on one of Google’s search partners – like YouTube. 

When Google chooses if an ad should be placed at the top of a search results page, it will select a set of winners from a range of ads. These winners will be based on an advertiser’s Ad Rank. This can be calculated by multiplying the CPC Bid (the highest amount an advertiser is willing to spend) by the Quality Score (a factor that considers your click-through rate, ad relevancy, and the quality of your website’s landing pages). 

This paid platform allows advertisers to promote their ads in a cost-effective way that can fit their budget while attracting the attention of leads and potential customers. 

Improve the performance of your PPC Ads today

There are various ways for a company to improve the performance of its PPC ads. It is recommended that you do the following: 

  • Include relevant keywords – If your ad features keywords that users are searching for, then your ads are more likely to be seen and clicked on. Therefore, regular keyword research is vital so that you can monitor the performance of your PPC ads and campaigns to see if they are performing well.
  • Landing page quality – You will need to review the content and design of your landing pages to make sure that they are optimised. If a site visitor has a friendly user experience, they are more likely to stay on the page to read the products that you’d like to promote. 
  • Creativity – Start getting creative with your ad copy! Creating engaging ad copy on your text ads, or memorable designs on your display ads, means that you can generate more clicks that make your PPC ads worth paying for.

You can use our Easy guide on how to improve low Ad rank on Google Ads to help you outperform your competitors and improve visibility!

Lnet Digital is a digital marketing service that has a range of skills in Technical SEO, SMM, and PPC. We are always happy to help our clients who would like to improve the performance of their websites.  

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